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Sound Sluts


In the past two years I've been working with my friend and colleague @riyske on location (film shooting, documentaries, commercials) and at studio (sound design and mixing). We get along well and enjoy working together. So, we've made a decision…

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Sound Family DAO Massive Update.

To ensure equal access to music releases, sound libraries and other sound recordings,we're in urgent need of an active trading system, the latest innovations of technology and a real sense of community. We're interested in creating an unprecedented marriage between…

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Updated Tokenomic and Roadmap

Hello! There is an updated tokenomic inside Catch The Record ecosystem!  

Sound Recording Coin (SREC) "Sound recording coin. Main currency. Stacking, verifying, registration, voting, exchange, swap, farming.

Sound Recording Token (REC) "Sound recording token. Part of "The Art of Field…

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Some thoughts on this site

Site in 2022. Surely, I want to cover all my working process here, focusing on this site, not telegram channels or instagram.  I strongly believe it's a good way to build a close relationship with my audience and slow down…

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Good news everyone


All sounds will be for free if you have a subscription now. At this moment my site stops selling these libraries for fixed price. Only subscription. Starting January 20th, subscription will be for free for those who're already in…

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