The Art of Field Recording

So, I’ve been into professional field recording for over five years (10+ in pro-audio), filling the days by capturing sounds and creating libraries. I like to wander streets not particularly knowing where I am, (carrying my bottomless backpack filled with microphones and headphones) to search and listen carefully. Thousands of hours have been dedicated to walking around various roads, sitting in the clouds of humming mosquitoes, pretending being a part of the environment and working at studio (listening tons of hours of these recordings). And then, I need to get back to those places I’ve already visited dozens or even hundreds of times to record in different weather or another season of the year. 

My sounds are used in films, games, commercials video production and adds. Some artists and bloggers are also using them for their purposes. Needless to say, it embraces my life. I set off on a sound recording adventure many years ago and I’m still all over it trying to convey one ordinary and not special idea: it’s beautiful around us, everywhere, right now, wherever you are. 

Several weeks ago I came up with the idea to create a collection of my field recordings accompanied by neural networks art close to my beloved Swiss-born German artist. I was a bit terrified noticing that neural networks created the images much better than I could expect. There are 505 unique works depicting all possible variations on field recording in a vibrant way of abstract expressionism. You will hear the recordings of the sea and forests, busy streets and public transport, the rain and a bonfire, the buzzing of a fly, whistling winds, meadows, the bells and human voices (indoor and outdoor public tones).. 

I’ve created the videos with the musical improvisations by a composer and a sound designer Nadia Gourskaya and my field recordings.

And now I need your support. First I want to attract attention of the local communities related to sound design and sound recording. You know the real value of this craft: how much time and effort field recordings take. Your support makes a big difference for me to stay in the profession and continue doing what I’m doing. 

If you find my work useful, you can support me by purchasing any piece of this art. 

All owners of the NFT will be given a Sound Family DAO membership and voting authority + full access to this site: full version for a subscribers. 

P.S. by this project I want to draw more attention to crypto and its using in pro-audio sphere.