About Me

Alexander Siletski

Sound Designer / Recording engineer / FIELD RECORDIST / MIXING ENGINEER/ LOCATION SOUND MIXER / 32 y.o.

Hello! I am a sound designer, sound recording engineer and a field recordist. Electrical engineer is my first degree (control and measuring instruments). Second - sound engineer. I'm majoring in a field recording, classical and acoustic music recordings as well as location recordings in film and video production and postproduction industry (Samsung, Adidas, McDonald's, Wargaming, Vizor Games, Strikerz, UNICEF and etc.).
Now I work as a technical sound designer at Playrix (Gardenscapes, full-time).

I also worked on about more than 500 live concerts like FOH engineer in many different venues, halls and concert halls. In Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, China, Ukraine and Poland. 

I am a Pro

Sound recording on different locations