About Me

Alexander Siletski

Sound Designer / Recording engineer / FIELD RECORDIST / MIXING ENGINEER/ SOUND EDITOR / 30 y.o.

Hello! I am a sound designer, sound recording engineer and a field recordist. Electrical engineer is my first degree (control and measuring instruments). Second - sound engineer. I'm majoring in a field recording, classical and acoustic music recordings as well as location recordings in film and video production and postproduction industry (Samsung, Mcdonalds, Wargaming, Vizor Games and etc.).
Now I work as a technical sound designer at Playrix (Gardenscapes, full-time).

I also worked on about more than 500 live concerts like FOH engineer in many different venues, halls and concert halls. In Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, China, Ukraine and Poland. 

I am a Pro

Sound recording on different locations