Oh....it seems to be something 'alive'...Ah, wait, it's just such an ordinary microphone....or not...    
There's a collection of 515 collectible microphones made in collaboration with a neural network and stylized in the direction of fine art "printmaking". These works are made in the techniques of engraving, monotype, woodcut, etching and other areas of printmaking.    
It is the second collection of the Sound Family DAO ecosystem after The Art of the Field Recording - a kind of 2nd layer of the ecosystem. Ownership also grants membership and voting rights in the DAO. NFTs from this collection can be staked to earn the native  $SREC tokens

Whitelist mint - 12.12.22 (Price = 0.2 SOL, 40 items)
Public mint - 22.12.22 (Price = 0.4 SOL, 475 items)
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