About Field Recording and my journey as a sound recordist


Field recording in commercial settings is an intricate and nuanced process. Many of the most captivating and unique recordings are often excluded from professional sound libraries due to stringent requirements. The diversity of sounds in these libraries is actually quite limited because unique field recordings from diverse locations around the world tend to have limited usability in post-production.


In commercial production, soundscapes are typically crafted according to a specific canon, involving the artificial layering of disparate sounds from various environments and events. What we hear in films, interactive games, and various video production works is far removed from reality, from how the world truly sounds. This is intentional, as these sound textures are designed not to draw too much attention. They must play a supportive role within the visual narrative, as more significant elements within the frame require the viewer’s or player’s focus. Consequently, soundscapes are often just backdrops, creating a sense of space and serving as connective tissue, but rarely playing a truly artistic role.



Real world ambience recordings often contain an abundance of information, which is not always suitable for sound design. It is easier to construct a sense of space from small, meticulously cleaned recordings than to find a ready-made atmosphere track. This practice has led to the establishment of a production canon.



This is precisely why I created my radio Reverie Field — radio with my field recordings. I wanted to offer people an authentic auditory experience of how the real world sounds when captured with professional equipment. To demonstrate that such field recordings can be self-sufficient, rich with artistic and aesthetic value. Through this platform, listeners can appreciate the genuine beauty and complexity of natural soundscapes.






For over seven years (and more than twelve years in professional audio), I have immersed myself in the world of professional field recording, capturing sounds and creating libraries. I love to wander through unfamiliar streets, my bottomless backpack filled with microphones and headphones, searching and listening attentively. I have dedicated thousands of hours to walking down various roads, sitting amidst clouds of humming mosquitoes, blending into the environment, and working in the studio, meticulously listening to countless hours of these recordings.



Returning to the same locations dozens or even hundreds of times to record in different weather conditions or seasons has become a routine. My sounds have found their place in films, games, commercial video productions, and advertisements. Artists and bloggers also use them for their projects. Needless to say, sound recording has become my life.



I embarked on this sonic adventure many years ago and remain captivated by it, driven by a simple yet profound idea: the world around us is beautiful, everywhere, right now, no matter where you are.


My online 24\7 radio with field recordings



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