Reverie Field Project

A 24-hour online radio and digital sonic imprint of Earth: the wonderful world of sounds around us. The broadcast powered by the open-source protocol AzuraCast. The principle of Attention Mining is at work here with Koii network ( users can visit the site and earn rewards for their listening time in tokens on the Koii Network blockchain. It’s a Proof of Listening — a new way of mining.

Our Roadmap:



24\7 Online-radio with Site

A 24-hour online radio dedicated to field recording: exploring the wonderful world of sounds around us. The broadcast will be powered by the open-source protocol AzuraCast. We aim to make blockchain a little more “green”. Over seven years of field recordings from various countries, curated by Founder of Reverie Field Project ( and, are now available on this online radio.


Koii Blockhain Integration

The principle of Attention mining works here ( users will be able to visit the site and receive rewards for their radio listening time in tokens on the Koii Network blockchain. Yeah this is a Proof of Listening the new way of mining.

Koii Attention Mining

Visitors will be able to earn rewards for engaging with the platform and listening to the sounds, receiving Koii tokens as a reward.


Community NFT Collection Minting

An NFT collection in a thematic style will be created to support the project. These NFTs will allow users to earn higher mining coefficients while listening within the app and grant access to various community bonuses. All proceeds will be used to maintain liquidity pools for the project’s future native token.



Project token launch

Developing own native project token on the Koii blockchain. Once the project garners sufficient interest, we will create a proprietary token to support the internal ecosystem. A small portion of this token will be minted under project management and funds. The majority, however, will be minted through Attention Mining. Users will mint this token by listening to the sounds. For this purpose, a specialized mini-app will also be developed. It may be integrated into Telegram for more convenient use.


Digital sonic imprint of Earth

Creating a comprehensive website resource is far more than just an online radio with sounds from around the world. It is a platform featuring an interactive map of the world, where each country is delineated with its borders. Users can click on any country to hear its unique soundscape (and get some rewards for this): the sounds of its nature, landmarks, cities, and other characteristic noises. This endeavor will require a high level of creativity and expertise in conveying each country’s distinctive audio landscape, highlighting its unique features. We will collaborate with field recordists and sound artists from around the globe to curate this collection. In doing so, we will immortalize the sounds of our planet by recording them on the blockchain. This will serve as a digital sonic imprint of Earth, a unique audiovisual map that captures the richness and diversity of soundscapes from different corners of the world. Special field recording expeditions will be organized to capture sounds from various corners of the world, in line with the vision and auditory preferences of our team. This resource will also have an educational component, offering insights and knowledge about the unique soundscapes we document.


Sound everywhere

Scaling. MPC wallets already enable us to go beyond the current network and use cryptocurrency across bridges to other blockchains. Our native token will be scaled to all major blockchain ecosystems. This way, you can easily farm it within the Telegram app, earn rewards through Attention Mining on our web resource, and interact with other networks for your convenience. Just imagine hearing recorded sounds of nature and various calming soundscapes in IKEA pavilions, exhibition centers, and large stores. Yeah, they are actually mining our token.

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