To ensure equal access to music releases, sound libraries and other sound recordings,we're in urgent need of an active trading system, the latest innovations of technology and a real sense of community. We're interested in creating an unprecedented marriage between blockchain and the audio world by using NFT technology. Therefore, we've taken the plunge and created  "Sound Family DAO" with the help of the CatchTheRecord team. 

Sound Family DAO represents a community of sound engineers, musicians, artists, pro-sound companies and all aficionados who are into the field of audio. We're well aware how hard and sometimes unappreciated our work is, even though you don't think so. Thus blockchain allows us to create a decentralized community (DAO), in which all decisions will be made on the basis of its membership voices. All we need is crypto, but it is hardly possible to realize in our real world. Every member of this community can take part into creating new music releases, sound libraries, some money streams, etc. Everyone can  make a difference. 

Thoroughly elaborated tokenomics, a pool of "emergency assistance to colleagues”, the purpose of which is to help those who were left without a fee for their work or cannot conduct professional activities due to some unpredictable events.  

A marketplace with various libraries of sound effects and field recordings for native tokens. We're pioneers in this sphere who will sell sound effects and music for crypto with help of NFT's, SFT’s and FT's. 

NFT staking for earning native tokens, game app for listening to sounds and earning money, recording label and many others. 

As a part of a partnership program, our team will try very hard to attract the main pro-audio companies, as well as known artists, composers and sound designers. 

More details in the roadmap chapter. 

Crypto is currently at the bottom - the best time to develop and create projects. Which is exactly what we do.