New library - Streams, waterfalls and rivers Mini HD 


There is a new mini library on this site - Streams, waterfalls and rivers Mini HD!
We recorded this sounds with my friend Sergei (also a great field recordist and sound enthusiast) in 40km near from Minsk (Belarus). Quiet and interesting autumn/early winter place.  

Decca Tree ambient recording

Beavers flooded the mouth of the river. Therefore, so many waterfalls have appeared there.

Early winter atmosphere.


Sennheiser mkh8040 stereo pair in ortf and Schoeps cmc6 2hs stereo pair in ungled AB

Audio resampled to 48KHz

A place with a lot of streams

We used 2 recorders: Sound Devices MixPre-6 and Zoom F6.
Also there were rode nt5 stereo pair ortf set in F6 and mono rode m5 for testing.

At some point I switched my two pairs of 8040 and 2hs to ambisonic Rode NTSF-1.
8040 went to F6

This library will be updated soon. New recordings from 8040 and separate small lib in Ambisonic (A-format stems and stereo downsamples).
All audio recorded in 24bit 96KHz
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