New Big Water Update! 

 Hello! I want to present you a massive "waves" update! New Kobuleti (Georgia) vibes: 50 stereo and mono recordings of the Black Sea Waves: remote, mid, close distance in the different variations. Mild and soft but sometimes huge and powerfull september waves. I made these recordings in the morning, during the daytime, in the evening and at night. 
Equipment used: Schoeps CMC6 2h Matched Stereo Pair (ORTF, NOS, some kind of Buffled stereo with my "ninja bagpack"), Schoeps CMC6 MK41 for Mono recordings. Sound Devices MixPre-6. 

 ORTF and NOS with omnies - for more interesting results with high fr. and in stereo field width. I don't prefer AB setup because I can't make mics wider with this stereo bar. From my own experience 20 cm AB sounds not bad but you can do better in the situations like these (for ambience recordings).

Let's take a ride

Soft sunset atmosphere. 

This is a tiny and quiet town with an extended shoreline (about 12km).  Usually, in September it's not  so overcrowded,

just dogs and some rare tourists.  

Capturing distant "waves" ambience. This wall was used as an additional wind protection. It was a windy day, but to my surprise Rycote super softies dealt with that problem pretty well.

Close waves recording. Quiet and meditative. This backpack became a Baffled stereo element and gave some binaural effect. I was really pleased with the results made with this setup in my "field recordist life". 

Cozy sunset. Walking, listening to and recording.

Some hydrophones expirience with JrF mics.

 There are 4 variations of Water field rec. library now: Ultimate Version (298 sounds), Water Waves (117 sound of different waves sounds in many locations and scenarios+hydrophones recordings), Water Waves Kobuleti (Kobuleti field recordings), Water Waves Bubbles and Fillings (A lot of foley recordings, splashes, fillings, jets). Ultimate Lib. costs 24.99, any others - 19.99. Wav. PCM Stereo and Mono files 24bit96Khz. 

 I'm aware about the fact that this site is visited by a small number of people. Therefore, I am pleased to make the prices for these libraries much lower than market prices. But in their uniqueness and quality of performance, the use of top-end equipment for their creation, they are second to none, even surpass the most popular and expensive ones. Some of these sounds of mine are sold on the other resources, but let this site remain a kind of "hidden gem" for those who are "in the subject". 
Also you can support me and buy a subscription for only 5$/month. Once you do it - all libraries on this site will be free for you. All new future sounds will be also for free and you will be the first person who'll know about them. And look here - first of all it will motivate me to work harder and give me more time for this kind of work:

It's taken years of field recordings. I usually do recordings much more than editing them. Don't look at dates. I moved them from one drive to another one several times.
Believe me this is a really laborious process like others in our sound industry. And unlike large companies, my time is highly valuable for me. I'm alone and do not have such efficiency. This is my passion, but world is more complicated.

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