Usi Pro Lom Audio vs Schoeps CMC6 2h comparison Forest

I made this comparison video with my may forest field recordings.
Lom audio omni matched stereo pair (125 bucks per pair) VS Schoeps stereo-set omni CMC6 2h (2800$ per pair cost).

AB Stereo config. 80 cm between mics. 
Recorder: Sound…

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Public Ambiences library finished 

I finished this huge field recordings library which contains 149 files. There are a lot of unique and atmospheric public locations in this library (city public places, town squares, streets, restaurants, shopping malls, railway stations and etc.) recorded with…

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Let's go!

It's time to make my site with sound libraries and a huge list of single sounds for any kind of your sound production.
Now this site is under construction. I'll add all content as soon as I can.
There are…

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